Ipswich Pioneer Village

The Ipswich Pioneer Village was first discussed on August 26, 1968. The idea was brought to the Ipswich Flower and Garden Club due to re-organization efforts within the school system. The Ipswich Village was officially started in 1969 by the Ipswich Flower and Garden Club. The slogan was "Now or Never"; the idea being that abandoned country buildings thought to be of historical significance, such as the one room Harmony School, should be saved. However, since that particular school needed too many repairs the Flower and Garden Club purchased the Powell School with a few of its contents to be the first building in Pioneer Village.

The second building was the Owens Building purchased in August 1973, soon after the Schwall House was donated by the City of Ipswich. In 1976 a replica of the Congregational Church was also donated. The former Loyalton Post Office was purchased, moved and partially furnished by the Oscar Fredrickson family. The Ipswich Printing Press, an 1865 model, was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Jim Morlock, former publishers of the Ipswich Tribune. There have been further donations made by many people in the community and the City of Ipswich surely appreciates the efforts made.




Tours are available in the summer by appointment only. To schedule a tour contact Loretta Thares 605-426-6973.

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