City Utility Policies

Water Shut-Off Policy - Past Due Accounts

Effective July 22, 2013 Water-Sewer-Garbage bills are due on the 1st of the month, and are considered past due after the 10th of the month. If payment is not received, a Shut-Off notice is sent. 

If the account is not paid in full by the 10th of the next month, the water will be shut off in the street the next business day. Garbage service will also be discontinued. No other notice will be given.

Fees are charged when water is shut off in the street. ($25 when shut off, $25 to turn back on). The account must be paid in full before water is turned back on and garbage service resumed.  Water WILL NOT be turned back on when the office is closed.  (After 5 p.m. and weekends or holidays.) For renters, a copy of the Shut-Off notice will be sent to the owner. 

Water Deposit Policy

Effective January 1, 2011 it will be the policy of the City of Ipswich to handle water deposits in the following manner:

1. If renters are responsible for paying water-sewer-garbage, they are required to pay a $100.00 deposit. This deposit will be held by the City until renters no longer rent; i.e. moves from or purchases a home in Ipswich. 

2. If persons purchase or build a home or business in Ipswich, they are required to pay a $100.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned to the homeowner or business owner at the end of one (1) year, providing the homeowner or business owner has met the following requirements:

  • Twelve (12) consecutive months of utility bill payments were paid by the due date.
  • The water-sewer-garbage account is paid in full at the time of refund.   
  • They have not received a Notice of Water Shut-off at any time during the one-year period. 
  • The City has not received a non-sufficient funds check for payment on their account.

3. The $100.00 water deposit is due the day the renter or owners move into the home or business.  If it is not paid within one week of move-in date, water will be shut-off. 

4. If persons no longer own or rent a home/business and can show a proof of payment (receipt from the City of Ipswich or a cancelled check) for deposit paid prior to January 1, 2011, deposit will be refunded in full if conditions in paragraph #2 above have all been met. 

If any person’s water should be disconnected and they have not paid a deposit or have had it returned, they will be required to pay the $100.00 deposit along with the reconnect fee ($25 turn-on fee, $25 turn-off fee) before their water is reconnected (see Water Shut-off Policy).  If a $100.00 deposit is required, it will be held under the same conditions as set forth in paragraph #2 above.

Water Disconnect Policy

Effective November 8, 2011 It will be the policy of the City of Ipswich to handle water disconnects at any property in the following manner:

1. This policy is intended for properties who want water disconnected for an extended period of time…one year or longer. 

2. There will be a turn-off fee of $25.00.

3. The meter remains the property of the City of Ipswich. 

4. The meter must be removed at time of shut-off.

If, in the future, the property owner decides to have water turned on, there will be a $25.00 turn-on fee and the cost of the meter will be billed to the property owner.

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