City Ordinances


Title One: Administration

Chapter 1-1   Mayor and City Council
Chapter 1-2   Financial Regulations
Chapter 1-3   Boundaries, Wards, Precincts
Chapter 1-4   Wards & Precincts

Title Two: Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 2-1   Definitions
Chapter 2-2   Liquor Licenses and Sales

Title Three: Animals

Chapter 3-1   Definitions
Chapter 3-2   Dogs
Chapter 3-3   Cats
Chapter 3-4   Livestock
Chapter 3-5   Animal Drawn Conveyances

Title Four: Building and Building Codes

Chapter 4-1   Mayor and City Council
Chapter 4-2   Financial Regulations
Chapter 4-3   Boundaries, Wards, Precincts
Chapter 4-4   Wards & Precincts
Chapter 4-3   Boundaries, Wards, Precincts
Chapter 4-4   Wards & Precincts

Title Five: Fire Prevention and Protection

Chapter 5-1   Rules and Regulations of the State Fire Marshall's Officer
Chapter 5-2   City Fire Departmental Regulations
Chapter 5-3   Fire Limits
Chapter 5-4   Fire Protection

Title Six: Health

Chapter 6-1   Board of Health
Chapter 6-2   Nuisances Dangerous to Health
Chapter 6-3   Food

Title Seven: Licenses

Chapter 7-1   General Provisions with Regard to Licenses
Chapter 7-2   License for Animals Used in Business
Chapter 7-3   Taxi Cabs
Chapter 7-4   Solicitors and Peddlers

Title Eight: Miscellaneous Offenses

Chapter 8-1   Fireworks
Chapter 8-2   Nuisances
Chapter 8-3   Specific Offenses
Chapter 8-4   City Cemetery
Chapter 8-5   Prostitution
Chapter 8-6   Flood Control Provisions
Chapter 8-7   Bonds
Chapter 8-8   Amendments
Chapter 8-9   Repeal Clause and General Provisions
Chapter 8-10 General Penalty  

Title Nine: Personnel

Chapter 9-1   Finance Officer
Chapter 9-2   City Attorney
Chapter 9-3   City Engineer
Chapter 9-4   Chief of Police
Title Ten: Plumbers and Plumbing, Electricians and Electrical
Chapter 10-1   Plumbers and Electricians who work for the City

Title Eleven: General Provisions

Chapter 11-1   General

Title Twelve: Sidewalks, Roads, Alleys, Public Grounds

Chapter 12-1   General Provisions about Public Areas
Chapter 12-2   Snow Removal
Chapter 12-3   Excavations in Public Areas
Chapter 12-4   Public Grounds in General

Title Fourteen: Traffic

Chapter 14-1   In General
Chapter 14-2   Enforcement and Obedience
Chapter 14-3   Procedures Upon Arrest
Chapter 14-4   Accidents
Chapter 14-5   Operation of Vehicles Generally
Chapter 14-6   Right-of-Way Regulations
Chapter 14-7   Traffic Control Signs, Signals and Devices
Chapter 14-8   Speed
Chapter 14-9   One-Way Street and Alleys
Chapter 14-10  Turns
Chapter 14-11  Turning and Stopping Signals
Chapter 14-12  Required Stops and Yield Intersections
Chapter 14-13  Miscellaneous Driving Rules
Chapter 14-14  Standing and Parking
Chapter 14-15  Pedestrians
Chapter 14-16  Snowmobiles
Chapter 14-17  Truck Route System
Chapter 14-18  Motorcycles and Mopeds
Chapter 14-19  Motor Vehicles
Chapter 14-20  Abandoned Vehicles

Title Fifteen: Trees and Noxious Vegetation

Chapter 15-1   Municipal Tree Regulations
Chapter 15-2   Noxious Weeds

Title Sixteen: Utilities and Franchises

Chapter 16-1   Management and Operation
Chapter 16-2   Water
Chapter 16-3   Wastewater Disposal System
Chapter 16-4   Private Wastewater Disposal System
Chapter 16-5   Building Sewers
Chapter 16-6   Discharge Regulations
Chapter 16-7   Rates and Charges
Chapter 16-8   Garbage and Rubble

Title Seventeen: Zoning

Chapter 17-1   Purpose and Intent
Chapter 17-2   Definitions
Chapter 17-3   Establishment of Zoning
Chapter 17-4   District Requirements
Chapter 17-5   General Requirements
Chapter 17-6   General Provisions and Enforcement
Chapter 17-7   Administration
Chapter 17-8   Permits
Chapter 17-9   Board of Adjustment
Chapter 17-10  Zoning Subdivisions
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